It is estimated that 81% of prospective buyers look up information online before making an important purchase while 39% claim their purchases are influenced by social media. This is the reason why you’re constantly hearing about the importance of having a strong online presence (which, unfortunately, you cannot have if people cannot find you). So, we’ve created a handy SEO guide with all the key characteristics that every highly optimized website has:

Site Speed

site speed seo

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This is an easy one; if your website is slow potential customers are going to be irritated and will seek to obtain information or make purchases from other sources. Studies have indicated that nearly half of internet users expect a page loading time of 2 seconds or less and so it is essential that your website keeps up with the competition. We strongly suggest utilizing a speed site analysis tool (such as Google’s Page Speed Insights) to gauge your website’s performance and as the starting point of your optimization process.

Image Optimization

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Similarly, to the point above, good image optimization helps to reduce your website’s loading time which in turn enables users to have a wonderful experience. However, it doesn’t stop there, optimized images are more likely to rank higher in Google’s image search which in turn drives more users to your website. There are various things that you can do to tackle image optimization, however, an easy (but effective) thing that you can do is to use descriptive keywords within your image file names. Why? Because it’s difficult for Google to rank image IMG_203948.jpg but it’s certainly easier for Google to rank image Salted_Caramel_Cupcake.jpg.

Quality Unique Content

content is the king

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Seems a bit like a no-brainer but it’s important to highlight this one: superior quality content is at the core of an excellent quality website that has been fine-tuned to offer an excellent user experience. So how should you go about this? Stick to authentic, well-made content that is engaging and provides value to your users. Anything else will just make your website look like it’s trying to sell too hard and that is a big no-no when it comes to building a loyal following.

SEO Friendly URLs

seo friendly urls

You probably don’t need us to tell you that good keyword placement is an important part of any SEO strategy. What we’re going to say though is that proper keyword usage should not be solely limited to your content but it’s imperative that it extends to your URLs too. The inclusion of keywords in your URL means that Google can locate your website whenever users search that topic.

SEO Optimized Post Titles

seo titles

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It is a universally acknowledged fact that SEO optimized content is much more likely to reach your target audience than content which is not and the same goes for your post titles. As a rule of thumb, we recommend including your focus keyword in the post title since this will make it easier for your content to rank higher in search engine results.

Correct Use of H Tag

heading tags

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H tags or heading tags are the different headings that your post will contain and the most important (reserved for the title of the post) being H1. This is known as <h1> in the corresponding HTML coding and this sequence is utilized for the remaining sub-headings (so H2, H3, H4, etc). These tags tell the search engines what is important and what they need to notice first (H1 and then H2, H3 and the rest the tags in numerical order). It is, therefore, essential to include your keyword in the H1 tag since this is something that search engines will read to learn more about your website before ranking it.

Highly Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Remember when we said that it’s important that your website isn’t slow? It’s also very important that your website’s design is highly responsive; which essentially means that your desktop version and your mobile version perform equally well. As a result, all users can have a great experience, whether they are accessing your website from a laptop, a smartphone, or tablet.

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