Determine your target (Analysis/Research & Identification of Ideal Customers)

I think this is by far the most important first step. The great thing about the internet is that you can reach everyone. But you mustn’t reach anyone. That’s where the danger lies. It is important to ask the right questions. Who are your products for? To whom do you want to direct your communication? The answer is essential for a good Social Media strategy



Determine your objectives (Identification of Business Goals & Setting Up of Marketing Objectives)

It is now important to determine why you want to integrate social networks into your communication strategy. What do you expect from social media? You want to improve and develop your image? Want to increase your sales? Build a prospect base? Objectives are essential for designing an effective Social Media strategy.

It is at this step that you will have to analyze the work of your competitors to understand what works for them. Careful, not to imitate them, but to do better: BENCHMARKING

Determine the message to be transmitted

It is therefore now important to define the message you want to convey to your target audience to reach your objectives. What content do you want to broadcast? What would you like to highlight? That’s how you’re going to create Engaging Content.

Determine the most relevant social network (s) (Selection of Platforms)

Now that you have defined your target, your objectives, the message to convey and the strategy to be implemented, you are able to determine on which platforms to intervene, where to develop your presence in order to meet your potential clients.

Determine your key performance indicators and the resources to mobilize

Conducting actions is good, but it’s important to analyze the benefits so that you can make the necessary adjustments to optimize your ROI (Return on Investment).

To finalize it, you need to determine the resources that this Social Media strategy will require. What budgets? What deadlines? What skills? What staff? Is recruitment necessary or do you have in-house skills?

Now you’re ready for Publishing & Promotion! Still not sure you can do this on your own?

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